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Nationwide Direct Hire Recruiting & Temporary Staffing Services.



IT, Tech Staffing, & Creative Recruiting Services. For All Locations and Areas.


National Creative and Marketing Recruitment & Staffing Agency – Temporary, Direct Hire and Executive.


Nonprofit Staffing and Recruiting For Foundations, Nonprofit Organizations, and Educational Institutions.


National Healthcare Staffing and Medical Recruiting. For All US Locations.


Executive Search for Foundations, Nonprofit Organizations, Associations, and Educational Institutions.

Scion Staffing’s Portland, Oregon branch is a leading Portland temporary staffing agency and executive recruiting firm working on behalf of expanding corporations, technology companies, brands, and nonprofit organizations. We place exceptional candidates in the greater Portland, Oregon Metro region as well as across the United States.

Our proven and established approach to modern recruitment empowers us to be your best source for hiring dependable temporary employees, direct-hire staffing, and identifying phenomenal executive leadership. As an award-winning national staffing firm Scion has been recognized by the Business Times for the past 15 years running as a leader in our respective industry. We have also received accolades from the Forbes list of leading United States-based search firms, the Ladders, CBS News, and various media outlets for work and services. We staff and provide:

  • Executive Search Services
  • Direct-Hire Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing & Interim Leadership Placement
  • Payrolling & Employer of Record Services

Scion Staffing was founded in 2006 by human resources and recruiting experts. It was the intent of our founders to create a staffing company focused on its devoted clients while staying responsive and agile to the needs of job seekers. Scion Staffing has regional offices across the United States servicing a wide variety of specialties and divisions.  No matter if you need to hire an entire division or one seasoned staff member we have immediate talent well suited for a wide variety of office environments and industries.  Our best in class staffing agency provides exceptional customer service that leads our industry.  Our team of national experts is standing by to immediately help you identify and hire perfect fit staff for your team.

Not all recruiting and staffing agencies are equal. That is why we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to help choreograph the best possible employment matches utilizing cutting edge technology, and why we will always take the time to listen to your needs. It is our aim to be the best possible recruitment partner on your behalf. Contact us today to start hiring the best possible for your team!

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Why Partner With Scion

Our Portland-based staffing agency is a leading national search firm for executive leadership, direct-hire staffing, and temporary staff. As a socially conscious partner that is part of the local community, we thrive in making impactful career matches on behalf of our leading employer clients.

Our secret to success stems directly from our incredible commitment to service excellence. At our firm, we work efficiently and tirelessly to provide you with incredible talent and diverse candidate options all who match your requirements and company culture. Via our customer service centered recruiting approach, our passionate team connects busy employers to amazing candidate options expediently and carefully.

The true foundation of Scion Staffing is deeply rooted in the professional relationships we have continually cultivated with corporate and community leaders, government, businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations. We offer our clients unparalleled reach into national and local networks with over 14,000,000 candidate options, and an expansive pool of private professionals that continues to grow each day.

Our recruiting divisions staff five main areas: (1) Corporate Recruiting, (2) Nonprofit Staffing, (3) IT/Technology & Creative Recruiting, (4) Health Staffing/Medical Recruiting, and (5) Executive Search Services. In each Scion recruitment division, our expert recruiters staff and recruit for a variety of organizations, levels, and departments. This includes but is not limited to: administrative, operations, human resources, accounting/finance, marketing, PR, communications, sales, legal, information technology, engineering, nonprofit, health, medical, and many other specialties.

While it is our ultimate focus to help employers find perfect fit candidates, we also believe in supporting job seekers and the talent we represent. It is our aim and passion to help all of the clients we serve and have the pleasure of supporting.  For employers, we listen, hear what you need, answer questions about the market, and then deliver the best talent available on the market within your budget. Meanwhile, for candidates, we answer questions about career options and resumes, and provide counsel on what to expect in the job-seeking process on behalf of our clients. Our thoughtful approach delivers a recruiting and staffing experience focused on creating long-term partnerships and makes the process of finding the perfect employment fit easier.

We conduct our business with heart, believe in ethics, and aim to make the process of hiring or finding a job through an agency more than just a transaction.  In the modern market today the best talent is judging employers more than ever before. Your brand, your company, your organization needs the best representation in order to attract the best.  This is where we excel. Scion Staffing passionately enjoys matching candidates to best fit employers and opportunities. Since we opened our doors, we have had the pleasure of placing over 15,000 professionals in jobs across the United States and locally in Portland.

From an executive leadership search to support staffing our award-winning firm is ready to provide you the candidate talent you need. We staff all US locations and have made incredible hiring impact in our local Portland, Oregon community.  No matter your budget or team size our experienced partnership professionals and recruiting experts are highly adept at leveraging the most out of your staffing and recruiting budget.

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Portland Recruiting & Staffing Services


Remote Staffing & Recruiting
We know how important flexible solutions are for your business! We have an expansive pool of ready to work, reliable remote candidates to help grow your team!


Temporary Staffing.
Do you need short term, or project help? We are happy to recruit on your behalf to find the perfect candidate for your need. We ensure that you and our talent are supported for a successful match!


Direct Hire Recruiting.
Our established recruiting team has connections to some of the very best candidates in the nation. We are know that you need bright and reliable talent when you are adding to your team. Learn more about our process today!


Executive Search.
We are proud to recruit for executive and leadership positions for some of the best and brightest companies and organizations. It is our pleasure to partner with you as you locate the best match to lead.

Our Recruiting Regions And Purpose

The Portland branch specializes in recruiting and staffing for the industries, services, brands, and technology that makes the Greater Portland area thrive. From expanding product-based companies to prestigious nonprofits our experienced recruiters fill incredible career opportunities locally, regionally, and nationally.

While our firm’s leadership are originally local Portland, Oregon natives, Scion Staffing is also a national recruiting brand with expansive nationwide, top-tier talent connections of all levels. Our built, robust local and national diverse, private candidate network is truly second to none.

Our heart is what separates us from the pack. This is also why our clients chose Scion over and over again. In an industry made up of corporations that treat placements only like a transaction, we find it is our heart and passion for the best interests of people that centers us.

At the core of our corporate philosophy is ethics, purpose, innovation, and socially conscious business practices. We leverage new technology and cutting edge approaches to continually lead our industry in sourcing and recruiting the very best talent on the market!

We are true advocates for our clients and we value diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work, hiring, and throughout our service divisions. Diversity is more than just a term for us. We act and provide diverse talent pipelines for our expanding clients. We are also very thankful for the internal diversity of our staff which helps us stay at the top of our game.

The world is ever-changing around us. To stay competitive companies need a robust recruiting approach that attracts the best talent on the market and approaches prospective talent in a way that truly connects with the heart of what your company does. We are more than recruiters, we are career storytellers. We are our client’s voice driving the best talent on the market and beyond. Allow Scion to work on your behalf to help you retain better hiring results, lower turnover, and leave the recruiting and networking up to us. After all, that is what our firm was designed for.

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Portland Market

The Greater Portland and Oregon job market is a growing area that boasts an overall strong economy and unemployment rates that are generally hovering between 3% and 4%. Portland is home to big-name global clothing and apparel corporations such as: Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear, while Intel leads in tech employment with many up-and-coming tech startups not far behind. Portland is a creative hub housing many marketing, advertising and digital creative firms. The median salary in Portland is $69,000, which is well above the national median pay of $54,955. Portland’s median household income has skyrocketed from 26th to 13th since 2010 and is the 3rd highest in the country! 

The Portland metro area’s proximity to three major ports and airports helps facilitate and expedite the transfer of goods and services. Specifically: aerospace, metals, machinery, and semiconductor manufacturing have seen growth, accounting for 60% of all manufacturing jobs in Portland.  

Healthcare support, Computer Technology & Mathematics as well as Personal Service and Care are the top three industries expected to grow, overall Oregon is projected to grow in it’s jobs by 9%. Additionally, the thriving tourism economy in Portland has fueled growth in the region’s food and beverage industries. 

In general, the Portland metro area is a large growing metropolis where several up-and-coming start-ups, as well as large corporations and Fortune 500 companies operate. For more information on hiring staff for the greater Portland metro area, please contact us today! For information about the open jobs available in the area via Scion Staffing, please search our open jobs now. We look forward to working with you! 

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